How It Began 4 Me

How I got involved with Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge.

Basically 7 weeks ago I was viewing something on You Tube and in the links I saw a video regarding an unlimited mobile service.

I watched the video, then another from Clark Howard at CNN then read some positive stuff in Laptop Mag and got sucked into the hype that was circulating. The more I read about it the better it became so I jumped straight in and joined, I wasn’t that concerned with the wait for the phone was happy to get into selling the Water Machine and Pow R Save. I got some colleagues interested, enrolled them and we went about building a nice professional website to sell the above products. However when the company told me I couldn’t put the site up as it had to be authorized by Buzzirk I got kind of suspicious, why would the cell phone division have any say on the ECO products??

It then became apparent that the company was being hammered due to some over zealous distributors and their claims of the phone service so everythign was on hold. We waited patiently for the Buzzirk websites to be granted so we could get on with marketing this but when we were given the sites it felt like the whole world had collapsed.

Here we were expected to sell a product that was going to revolutionize the cellular world and we had to do it on a free template site that was worse than bad. This immediately raised the game and we began to research in full the companies and the people involved.

The more and more that came to light the more foolish I felt especially as I had convinced work colleagues that this was a good idea. Well as luck would have it the company lost the ability to charge us so we managed to get out without losing a dime.

However it was at this point that I was convinced the truth had to prevail and everyone had to be able to make an informed decision on this product and the respective companies rather than jumping blindly as I did for an offer that promised the world but delivered nothing.


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