The Investigations

As well as some pretty solid work by some regular people the tech industry and news teams uncovered some pretty damning evidence.



  • 1. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    OriginallyPosted On Laptop Mag

    James Skeptic Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 12:12 am

    To all of you who are counting on this being your meal ticket, take a look at this. It came from a guy who was thinking about becoming a distributor but started to do some research. I hope this all works out for everybody, but I am starting to wonder:

    Part 1:

    This information was collected by myself from about a week of investigating these companies and people connected

    Bullet Scam Information on Buzzirk and associated companies:

    1). Unified Technologies Group (Benjamin K. Piilani, Chairman and Chief Executive)

    2). Buzzirk Mobile: (CEO Mark Petchel, and his partners, Mark Ryder, ted Robbins and Kevin Harold)

    Buzzirk Mobile
    1500 E Tropicana Ave
    Suite 132
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Phone: 314-488-2854
    Fax: 800-859-3163

    3). GlobalVerge: (Global Verge CEO Mark Petschel)

    110 N. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103

    4). Zer01 Mobile ((Benjamin K. Piilani, Chairman and Chief Executive)

    ZER01 Communications, Inc.

    7473 W Lake Mead Blvd.
    Suite 100
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89128


    These are the “FACTS” that I have investigated other then using the normal method people are using….Google.

    The 4 listed companies above are all saying that the base tech is going to be 2100 mhz and it was being bought out so they would own in.

    This is what I found by calling the FCC directly and I found out that those above companies were are currently lying and there is no telecom company that has usage of the “2100 mhz” that is being protrayed by those companies.

    Buzzirk Mobile states that it has several “Patent Pending on its compensation plan” and it holds pending patents of several technologies to get this mammoth scam off the ground:

    Well I also contacted the US Patent Office (US Goverment) and checked it website and there was no infomation anywhere by any companies involved in this scam. The person I talked to at the US Patent Office never heard of any of the companies above and she said they do not own nor have any pending or pended patents of any kind nor any filed applications to a future patent of any kind.

    ZER01 MOBILE address on its office webite:

    Well I Googled mapped this location I found out there is no outside sign anywhere. I did find a property management posted ouside and called it. I spoke to the property managment (Town Executive Suites/ 1-702-562-1200) there is a Zer01 Mobile listed there but that office (Suite 100) was a pretty empty office with the name of “FM Marketing” on the door. The 2 local public numbers she had for me (702-562-2041 and 702-562-2042). I called those phone numbers after the phone call and those numbers were both disconnected. She did transfer to me to the recept. who stated that that office was pretty empty also. The recept. had another number in the switch board that Zer01 Mobile gave them and then she tranfered me to that phone number and it had the voicemail of Susan Somers of FM Marketing. I googled “FM Marketing” and I found out that had the same address of Zer01 Mobile. I contacted Susan Somers of FM Marketing and she was not happy that Zer01 Mobile was using its contact phone number and address to promote its company and she is going to report them and find out who they are since she had no idea who they were or any company named above is.

    GlobalVerge Corp. Office: 110 N. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103

    If you use Google map this address it looks like a older run down building with no Global Verge signs anywhere. There has several accounts where people who live in the area has went to that location and found all the doors are locked up with nothing in the building like its been empty for sometime with no activity.

    GlobalVerge Inc. has another listed location in Las Vegas, Nevada:

    Well again I used Google maps and I found this location is just a empty dirty lot with junk and 1 big tree. This area where GlobalVerge says its other office is at a location in a crime ridden area but there is no building what so ever for GlobalVerge.

    Buzzirks Corp. address is:

    Buzzirk Mobile
    1500 E Tropicana Ave
    Suite 132
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    Well again I used Google Map and found a very large building called the “NEMA Business Center” at that address and the contact number is (702) 233-0222 and it goes to a personal cell number and Mike will get back to you and leave a message. I contacted a company in that building ( its a computer teaching school. I asked the recept. if a company called Zer01 Mobile or any wireless company is in that building and she said no way because she has been there a few years and she would know that.

    Buzzirk Mobile (Benjamin K. Piilani) has stated that 30,000-50,000 phones have been bought for its rep’s from HTC and Pharos (PharosGPS.Com).

    Well I contacted both wireless companies and asked if this was true and both companies states that they very heard of any of the above companies. I asked them if it was possible if those large amounts of phones were bought through a 2nd part re-seller would they know about those large cell phone sales? Well the answer was yes and they would have recieved some type of memos and would know of those stated above companies if that was true. Also they said basically they said it would be stupid and not showing good business sense if that large amount of phones where bought through a 2nd re-seller party because those above companies would get those phones for far less money by buying direct.

    There is a so-called Triple Diamond named Gene Heckman scamming for Buzzirk stating he was the Co-Founder of 24 hr. Fitness, which he told me on the phone and got very upset for every question that I asked him because he knew I was catching him in his many lies.

    I searched the internet and no where did I ever find any information regarding “Gene Heckerman” linked or connected with 24 hr. Fitness. I also contacted the 24 hr. Fitness HR. Dept. and they confirmed that there was never a “Gene Heckerman” tied with 24 hr. Fitness and he is not the Co-Founder of 24 hr. Fitness nor even a towel boy in the men’s room…ever.

    Founder of 24 hr. Fitness: Mark S. Mastrov

    24 hr. Fitness History:

    Gene Heckerman (So Called Triple Diamond in Buzzirk Mobile) has stated to several downline members and to even to myself that he had a meeting with Benjamin K. Piilani, Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins at the Zer01 Mobile Main Office.

    When I asked Gene Heckerman about the meeting he became very upset and defensive and he could not recall where the meeting at because he stated they had the meeting in the office and changed it to that they had the meeting in a conference room but then changed the story again stating that Mark Petschel picked up and drove him to someone’s house to show him the phone.

    Gene Heckerman (So Called Triple Diamond in Buzzirk Mobile) stated to me on the phone today that he was talking to me on his phone when I asked him if he recieved his phone yet and he said yes he did:

    When I told Gene Heckerman that he was lying because there are no SIMS cards out or made for Buzzirk or any company named above becaus, because he confirmed that in earlier emails to his downline members stating that Buzzirk forgot to make the SIM cards. After I caught him another lie he then stated that he was talking on his Verizon cell phone and he didnt have a Buzzirk cell phone like he stated in earlier emails to his lower downline members. He told them he ordered it on July 4-5th…He still does not have it. (Today’s Date July 16th, 2009).

    There is a lady that is paraded on the conference call’s who says she made $100k a month while working at Excel Communications Inc. and is part of Buzzirk now and she stated 3 times that I witnessed saying she made so much money she bought a Jet and a Mercedes.

    While on the 3rd Conference call I jumped in and asked her what jet did you buy? Well the whole call went dead with silence and she did not have a answer, I then asked her a easier question…what Mercedes did you buy? Again just no answer again because she was not prepared to be caught in her many lies and the conference called ended a few seconds and it was only like 5 minutes in the conference and it was supposed to last about 30 minutes.

    Yesterday (July 16th, 2009) Buzzirk members where emailed from Buzzirk that commissions could not be paid due to the over flow of members joining and there would be a 7-10 delay in payments.

    Funny that the same day that members got their credit card membership payments to Buzzirk processed and then recieve this shaddy email. Also members recieved a 2nd email from Buzzirk requesting that the member to give Buzzirk their bank account info. and permission to use it so they could save $5 instead of paying via credit card. Scammers know that credit card payments can be disputed by the member but permission given to Buzzirk for your checking account gives you “ZER0″ protection because you gave permission.

  • 3. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Bob Sterling at


    (Several former ‘marketing participants’ now known as victims, from the earlier versions and now some who have currently just stepped back, contributed to this information)

    To Look at the Current Global Verge/Buzzirk Scam going on today and to understand who all the ‘Players” are and how and where the money flows, you first have to look at the history of this ‘cell phone of the future’ Scam and how it has been previously executed. How it operates but who operated it has not changed: Just new name for the game, same players.

    2006 Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins created Bizz-Buzz and Buzzirk Mobile ( Buzzirk first incorporated 2006-Mark and Ted owners/officers) The ‘cell phone of the future, a flat rate game changer was going to be released in the fall of 2006 and they got 6 to 7 thousand to sign up with monthly fees for the 3×9 ‘patented’ forced matrix. It evaporated and closed at year for reasons beyond their control….they said the programmers stole all the money. There were no refunds. (see who is below)

    2007-2008 E-Verge was launched, most of the same leaders, the same mantra about the game changing cell phone of the future to be delivered later that year. This time recruiting was much better, they even had a grand launch convention in St. Louis with thousands attending. Same monthly autoship to get paid on the same 3×9 forced matrix. (they always add a benefits package of cyber stuff to make it appear to have some value) for members until the ‘cell phone of the future’ is released. This time we are told by some of the victims they were up to 12 to 14 thousand enrollees before they closed it down telling people their prospective carrier was sued and had to close down. Again there were no refunds.

    September 2008 the new Global Verge emerges as a new company. Again as before Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins, Ruth Mayne, James Hellman and players from the past are the principle players. All Corporations for GV and Buzzirk have always had Mark and Ted as Officers and Directors.

    (Interesting to note that in his 2005 Terrms of Probation, Petschel was specifically prohibited from forming new corporations, being an Officer and Director and raising money without specific permission from the Court….of course none was sought and only recently did the Missouri Department of Corrections learn all the facts about Marks 2005 to 2009 activities. Mark is known to the DOC as # 1126788 if you want to look him up)

    The Buzzirk mobile scam begins in January 2006 with Ted Robbins registering the domain name:

    Ted Robbins
    5808 Summitview
    Suite A, #143
    Yakima, Washington 98908
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: BUZZIRK.COM
    Created on: 08-Jan-06
    Expires on: 08-Jan-10
    Last Updated on: 29-Jun-09

    Administrative Contact:
    Robbins, Ted
    5808 Summitview
    Suite A, #143
    Yakima, Washington 98908
    United States

    The current created 5-12-08 is hidden at Domains by Proxy. GV started up in June/July 2008.

    While Mark and Ted have been the officers and directors in all ‘corporations’, these are shell companies only established for purposes of getting corporate records and opening checking accounts, merchant accounts, signing leases, etc. The money flows to the Top Distributors forming the Company as well as to Mark and Ted. In the case of E-Verge and now with Global Verge, the MASTER DISTRIBUTOR IS James Hellman. Jim Hellman operates as “AOE.BZ” and has 14 domain names registered to his ‘AOE.BZ’ enterprise, many of them associated with Buzzirk, E-Verge and GV such as “”.

    Hellman, James
    1406 west 36th st
    Kearney, Nebraska 68845
    United States
    (308) 832-6073

    As the Master Distributor in Global Verge, he sponsored Curtis Burgess in Arkansas who has a team and Curtis in turn sponsored Stephen R, Lewis in Vegas who in turn sponsored Wayne Achtem from near Toronto. The top hierarchy and who is pulling down the top money is now known thanks to former insiders.

    With the alleged 40,000 sign ups the potential cash stands at about $4.5 million. On 7/31 Steve Lewis said sign ups are still significant, 700 on a good day, 300 on a bad day, so let’s average that at 500 per day. If they can keep it going at that rate they can have another 15,000 sign ups at the initial $149.95 or an additional $2.25 million and if 30,000 of the 40,000 are on the $99.95 autoship, then that nets another roughly $3 million or $5.2 million to be added to the existing $4.5 million….a total of between $9 and $10 million for the run from May through August. Not a bad showing, better than both times it ran before! Therefore the leaders will do what ever they have to do to try and keep this running another 30 to 60 days.

    None of the reps (e-associates) of course ever sign up to be in a ‘member benefits’ program, they all joined because of the anticipated release of the Zer01 cell phone of the future. Just how long can the actual release of this phone be delayed because of ‘technical problems”? Well if a 30 day delay will net an additional $5 million bucks, I believe you will see some fancy dancing soon. If and when the release cannot happen for whatever reasons, that is the already reason to close down operations, just a happened before with the ‘cell phone of the future could not be delivered for reasons beyond their control. How this will all end is already recorded in the previous history.

    Now, just who will end up with all the cash? How much has been drawn out already for ‘expenses’ and ‘administrative expenses’? Well, at this moment, who ever has control of the financial records probably knows this for sure….I guess that is Teresa Lewis and Stephen R. Lewis? Come August 10th the big recruiters and their front line diamonds will have to get checks to keep them going, but how much will go to Investor Ruth Mayne, Master Distributor James Hellman, acting CEO Lewis, acting CFO Curtis, COO attorney Perry? No one will ever probably know for sure until all the financial records, merchant and banking records are subpoenaed. This Scam has gotten large enough now to attract the attention and interest of the powers to be in the law enforcement community, so not to worry the quid pro quo will become known. I understand the DOJ in their current crime crackdown has another Government Benefit to give the folks, a Free no cost IRS Audit.

  • 4. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 11:07 pm

    Bob Sterling at


    [B Mark Petschel, the GV CEO is and has been a resident of Lee’s Summit, Missouri and because the company is now claiming to have their Corporate Headquarters in Lee’s Summit, jurisdiction for civil and criminal reside primarily with that jurisdiction. Petschel was convicted in March 2005 for securities fraud committed in 2002-2003. He was ordered and was paying restitution to the victims, some $168,000. Having a Prison sentence hanging over you is a great incentive to guarantee eventual collection and reimbursement.

    Detective Chad Albin of the Lee’s Summit Police Dept. has been assigned to investigate at the request of other authorities. Mark Petschel was in violation of his Probation in 2005-2006 when he did the Bizz-Buzz/Buzzirk cell phone of the future MLM, and dito for E-Verge in 2007 and of course today with GV. Detective Albin would like to talk to any and all victims who lost money to Petschel and his companies during this time. This would include anyone who invested in any manner.

    In addition to a Probation Hearing, additional charges could be brought opening up the possibility of Court Ordered Restitution again. If you lost any money now or in the past you should contact Detective Chad Albin.:

    816-969-1743 –Office

  • 5. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Luca from Cicerco at

    Here is another issue which surfaced on July 25th and again on July 31st;

    -Since early July, an e-Associate developed a sales team, enrolling a group of 10 participants.

    -Having concerns about the validity of the GV program during the week of July 12 – he asked his enrollees to stand down and cancel their memberships until a more definitive Beta test and start-up date could be shown by GV.

    -On July 25, the man noticed a debit on his Chase Bank for $75.53 paid to Global Verge.
    (This is $69 plus Illinois tax) At NO time did the man authorize GV or any of their agents, to charge the Chase debit card account.

    -The original purchase of GV services in the form of enrollment was made through a VISA credit card account.

    -On Friday, July 31, GV or a GV operative attempted again to take $75.53 from the man’s Chase Debit Account and a Chase representative verified and memorialized each transaction attempt and pertinent information for the authorities. The Chase Debit Card number used by GV an unauthorized second time was changed.

    -Contact has been made with the Missouri AG Office and further discussions and complaints are forthcoming.

    As I understand there have been verbal reports of similar issues and authorities are investigating. If a crime is being committed by GV, someone is going to have a bad, bad day. They will get only one chance to straighten out any kinks in the hose and if they are a legit operation then they better move fast to fix the company..

    In my opinion, this is a very bad situation for those who need to earn a living by participating in the GV program. People are TIRED of scam-assed miscreants trying to steal money.
    The unprofessional operation of this company is a testament to the inept and unskilled managers running the show and if they are perpetrating a scam, they ALL will catch some jail time.

  • 6. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 3, 2009 at 12:25 am

    The Piilani family and Law Enforcement

  • 7. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 3, 2009 at 12:32 am

    Steve Lewis and Teresa Curtis

  • 8. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 3, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Originally Posted by noloanclosed

    Just came back from a weekend trip, check my bank account and yup, they also deducted my account WITHOUT my consent/ permission. I canceled the “auto ship” crap but hey, when you’re a thief, you don’t give a hoot if you cancel or not.

    It’s an offshore account that they’re “funneling” the money to. I canceled my card now. This is just aggravated me and I feel disgusted.

    Posted Transactions
    07/31/09 CHECK CRD PURCHASE 07/28 DUMMY E-COMMERCE ABI B ANTIGUA AG 486830XXXXXXXXXX 212940002253278 ?MCC=4816 123006800DA01


    The Official Global Verge/ Buzzirk Offices are now located here:

    2nd Office Location

    200 NE Missouri Rd

    Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

    *The sales organization for Buzzirk Mobile, Global Verge has offices within the same locations.

    Detective Chad Albin Lee’s Summit Police Dept

    816-969-1743 –Office

    With no one from GV or Buzzirk, not even Mark Petschel who lives in that community occupying these empty offices, Detective Albin would be happy to handle your request.

    More and more it looks like this will be the only route to take for any refunds whatsoever from this Company. Of course you can always try putting in a ‘trouble ticket’

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