So there it all is folks, an opportunity to look at everything I could find on the companies, the people and the technology that is behind the hype that is Buzzirk Mobile/Zero 1.

From my perspective what looked to be the next best thing since sliced bread has uncovered a company run by at least 1 felon who has pulled the same trick at least twice. There are no real offices only mailboxes and unoccupied suites, no patents, no trademarks, and to cap it all the technology is questionable to say the very least.

No one has been paid commissions for June/July and technically are they legally entitled to be?, your credit card is now being processed in Antigua, no one has a phone or seen one in action and those that claim too have lack the technological know how to determine if it was a Zero 1 phone to begin with.

There is no customer service, no agreements with the major GSM operators, no one is in charge of billing for the phone service, Ben P’s lists no college education and claims to be on the board of organizations he clearly is not.

The only thing anyone has is the ID protection, and the chance to sell a Water machine, a power saver, a travel website and a PC resale program that coincidentally severed ties. The only supporters of Zero 1 are those with a vested interest like the Triple Diamonds and above, remember that.

I might of missed some parts out, if so it was not intentional but this is what I have come to know over the past 7 weeks. I put this together in 1 day for you to judge for yourself so if I can locate all of this you should do your due diligence and do likewise.. I’m not suggesting you don’t do it but based on the evidence in theses pages that is out there for you to find there are far too many questions than there are answers.


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  • 1. Mary  |  August 8, 2009 at 1:53 am

    Thanks for putting all the info in one bucket..I’ve been reading up on anything I can find, as I have been putting money in for a couple of months, and not getting any thing from it..had my fortune told last month and it said I was going to lose money…this must be it..Just another scam waiting for us suckers to come along…it’s sad..


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