The Buzzirk Hype

Just some of the claims that the company, the press and the distributors were making about the phones and the service.

This page includes official press releases, company information direct from a Buzzirk mobile website, some extremely “thought provoking” independent distributors, PC Mag and Laptop Mag, who subsequently went on to award them a Best In Show without actually using the service, and towards the bottom some you tube video interviews of Ben Piilani and one rather interesting endorsement from CNN’s Clark Howard.

It has to be added that there were many more claims of the phones and service but Global Verge reigned in the independent distributors and had the COO, Craig Perry inform everyone that they could not use any site that was not authorized by GV or Buzzirk to promote the product, additionally he made claims of trademark (that have still to be clarified) so distributors couldn’t use the Buzzirk name in domains, emails, and blogs etc. So much of the information that was originally in the public domain is gone but you will get a good idea of what was being hyped by what is here.

Now most of if not all of this is being used to endorse the companies and this service so the questions have to be asked about what responsibility Laptop Mag and CNN are going to take if this all goes south.?



  • 1. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    Original Post by Sascha Segan,2817,2342994,00.asp

    A brand-new mobile-phone carrier, Zer01 Mobile said Thursday that it can give you truly unlimited voice and data on smart phones for $69.95/month, without a contract, on a network as broad as the one owned by AT&T.

    That’s because, in many ways, the network is AT&T’s. The company is using a form of roaming agreement to tunnel from AT&T’s network into their own IP backbone.

    Zer01 gets some of their savings by eliminating traditional circuit-switched voice calling. All calls on Zer01 phones go through a proprietary Voice-over-IP (VOIP) application, which right now runs only on Windows Mobile 6 phones but will work in the future on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and even on jailbroken iPhones, Zer01 chief executive Ben Piilani said.

    “No calls, period, go out over the GSM network,” Piilani said.

    The company’s $69.95/month plan includes unlimited VOIP calling and data, and is month-to-month with no contracts or credit checks. For $10 more per month, you also get unlimited international calling to 40 countries.

    Zer01’s VOIP application uses several brand-new, proprietary technologies, Piilani said. It ties into phones’ dialer apps to let you dial from the phone’s keypad without launching a separate voice-over-IP application. It works with a phone’s built-in microphone and earpiece. And Zero01 has some sort of quality-of-service mojo that lets VOIP run even over slow EDGE and GPRS networks.

    Let me point out how unusual that is: I’ve never seen VOIP running over slow GPRS. Even on EDGE, which is faster, the network’s latency typically hurts VOIP apps.

    “We’ve developed specific algorithms in our technology that address latency issues across the GSM networks,” Piilani said.

    The phones run on GSM networks including AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s. But Zer01 isn’t buying time wholesale from AT&T and T-Mobile, Piilani said. Instead, they have purchased their own IP backbone and are using interconnect (AKA roaming) agreements, the way Verizon and Sprint phones work on each other’s networks. Each device on the Zer01 network gets a fixed IP address and opens a VPN tunnel to the company’s servers, Piilani said.

    “It’s our own VPN, and we’re actually providing the data the customer is using,” Piilani said.

    By using interconnect agreements, Zer01 can get around the carriers’ 5GB/month data caps and offer truly unlimited data, Piilani said. The company’s system does some traffic management to make sure that heavy users don’t overload a local cellular system.

    Zer01 is designed to work with unlocked phones that users bring in on their own, Piilani said, but they also plan to sell three HTC phones, the TyTnII (known on AT&T as the Tilt), the Touch Diamond and the Touch 3G. Zer01’s software needs to be optimized for each individual phone model, but the list of acceptable devices is continually growing, Piilani said. Pharos’ GPS-enabled Windows Mobile smart phones may be next on Zer01’s list.

    “Right now the initial push will be Windows Mobile devices, but immediately after launch we’re going to announce several other OSes and devices,” Piilani said.

    Zer01 is a division of Unified Technologies Group, a company run by Piilani that also operates a land-line VOIP service and has had interests in broadband-over-power-line technology.

    On the land-line side, Zer01’s VOIP service is managed in part by Pervasip’s VoXVOIP product, according to an October 2008 press release from Pervasip.

    AT&T had no comment on Zer01. The new carrier plans to launch with a closed beta in April, and to set a commercial launch date at the CTIA trade show on April 1.

  • 2. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    Taken direct from an Independant Distributor website as I couldn’t take it from the Buzzirk Mobile dot com site as someone messed up the layout and it looks rather sloppy.

    The Company

    Buzzirk Mobile
    1500 E Tropicana Ave
    Suite 132
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Phone: 314-488-2854
    Fax: 800-859-3163

    2nd Office Location
    200 NE Missouri Rd
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
    *The sales organization for Buzzirk Mobile, Global Verge has offices within the same locations.

    Buzzirk Mobile currently provides enhanced communications services consisting of VoIP connectivity between Buzzirk users as well as low-cost interface to traditional fixed-line and mobile telephones in residential, small business and enterprise settings. Buzzirk Mobile through its sales arm Globalverge, utilizes proprietary technology, provides a sales channel and electronic distribution of products and services through referral and retail sales. Additionally, the Company has a strong and growing customer base along with a positive cash flow operation.

    Buzzirk Mobile launched in at the 2006 Emmy Awards Gifting Suite its first mobile solutions as a MVNO reseller with varies unique integrated technologies. Over the years Buzzirk has evolved with its offering and is the first to sign an MVNE agreement with Zer01. Buzzirk Mobile has secured an exclusive MVNE agreement as well as, an exclusive direct marketing agreement. Buzzirk will utilize Globalverge Inc to market its products and services through a direct marketing vehicle. Globalverge is a direct marketing company with many members and sales reps Domestic and International.

    In July 2009 Buzzirk and Globalverge will begin marketing an exclusive “unlimited everything” wireless service that gives the subscriber unlimited, voice, text, and true unlimited data for one low price, including taxes and all fees.

    The carrier for this new product Buzzirk Mobile is Zer01 Communications. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Zer01 Communications is owned and operated by the Unified Technologies Group, Inc., a global technology services and consulting company that is headquartered in Wilmington, DE. Zer01 Communications recently premiered the new Zer01 Mobile service at the CTIA Wireless 2009 Conference. Laptop Magazine awarded Zer01 Mobile the “Best Overall Product” Award at the conclusion of the industry conference.

    Buzzirk Mobile Is Changing The World of Communication

    Buzzirk Mobile powered by Zer01 Mobile is offering for the first time a truly Unlimited Mobile Service.

    * Unlimited Voice / Data Transfer / Texting / Internet (24/7)
    * Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada for Domestic Plan, $79.95 a month with US origination.
    * Unlimited Calling to US/Canada and 40 other countries with the International Plan, $89.95 a month with US Origination.
    * Cutting-edge Technology
    * Pre-pay for Service Month by Month
    * No Contracts
    * No Added Fees
    * No Credit Checks
    * No Need for Rollover
    * No Carrier Can Compare
    * No fine print with limited Acceptable Use Policies
    * Zer01 Mobile is the carrier and not a reseller
    * Plus: 35 other features like Unlimited Email, Live Chat, Enhanced Voicemail and More!

  • 3. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Originally posted 06-12-2009, 03:14 AM by Blagtopus on

    What a bunch of whiny twits.. this is Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology with unlimited EVERYTHING for $79.95 through Zer01. The reason it’s going to blow everything out of the proverbial water is because Zer01’s CEO is a veritable genius. I was a Covert Government Account Manager at Nextel (b4 Sprint trashed it), and this guy knows what he’s doing. Essentially, they’ve dumped billions (not millions) into buying up proprietary data network (VPN) tunnels and came up with a technology to turn any data-enabled phone into a VOIP last-stretch GSM national/international device. Idiots will be getting the service for $79.95 (Unlimited everything), while people who’s head isn’t currently up their ass will be getting it for free (including international long distance). How? Because the $10 is residual, and it’s a forced 3×9 matrix with both horizontal and vertical compression. Think of Amway 50 years ago, but with an actual opportunity that people not only want, but desperately need. This replaces:

    1- cell phone
    2- internet (faster than cable, BTW)
    3- wireless data/internet
    4- text/SMS
    5- cable TV (1,000 channels!)
    6- Blockbuster/Netflix/Amazon Vid (10s of thousands of movies)

    So ..add up what you’re spending now for any of the above services, subtract $79.95 (w/no tax, BTW), and there’s your immediate monthly savings (plus the value of the additional services included in the above that you currently can’t afford/don’t use). Now, add $10 per friend, family member, co-worker, complete stranger that you show how to save big bucks while adding all of these valuable services, plus other residuals/bonuses I’m not going to get into because frankly, you’re not worth the effort, and you can see why you should take those knee-jerk reactions and cram ’em up your ass..

  • 4. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    Originally Posted 06-13-2009, 05:59 AM by aone on

    The new network is based on a higher frequency than traditional cell services. It is coming in at 2100 Mghtz compared to the low level of the present carriers.

    Unified technology has been acquiring this bandwidth for some time with the aim of creating a superior service. The time has come. July 1 is the launch and that is why you are just hearing about it.

    I don’t think the greatest of skeptics (Jerry) would deny that most MLM’s have worked for some of the people involved.

    What are the bad aspect of the MLM? you get in at the tail end or the products have no real marketability…. I was approached by Melaleuca… I found the products to cost 60% more than what I was paying and they wanted me to pay fees on top of that… it made no economic sense.

    Amway, good products but the convenience isn’t there for most people. when they want laundry soap they need it today, not in a week or two whhen the delivery comes….

    Now look at GlobalVerge. they are marketing a new phone service… ok people have cellular services.. and they spend fortunes for it. They always want the latest greatest upgrade…. right?

    My Verizon bill for unlimited calls, text, Internet, navigation runs me $135 or so after the 18% taxes it comes to $165 each month… last month I had a client in Canada I called and they tacked on an additional $30 for a total of $195.

    Now comes a service that offers all my features, plus tv stations (Verizon offers that for $10.95/ month more) a more robust network, stronger signals, faster speeds, social networking, live chat vs SMS and they are going to do it for $79.95 / month. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    So I can sign up at the highest level of distributor for $150, and $100/ month for nothing more than I basically pay now. and if anyone signs up for cell service I get $10 per month for every month they pay their bill. If other distributors join I make money off of that as well.

    These are the real numbers and this is the real deal. My team is closely tied to one of the owners of the company so anyone joining under me is close to the top.

    You know how in most MLM’s at some point peoples income slacks off? Well with this service it doesn’t take but a friend or 2 to sign up in order to make it sustainable. That’s the difference in this MLM vs all the others that have long reached saturation.

    They are using an MLM approach to promote the product as word of mouth goes faster than anything else.

    The services are stellar, here are a few features:
    5G Wireless Technology (Current cell phones work on 3G).
    A.W.S. Spectrum (Advanced Wireless Service – Not Cellular). A New Carrier Wave.
    High Speed – Up to 180 Mbps download speed (yes 180 Mbps).
    Full Broadband – You can replace your cable internet by teethering your phone or eliminate your wireless card for your Laptops.
    Movie Downloads – 2 hour HD movie can be downloaded to phone in minutes. Thousands of online movie selections for as little as $1/download
    Live Streaming Video at 30 fps (same as your TV).
    Video Conference on your phone ( up to 6 people on select phones)
    TV – Watch TV on your phone.
    Mandy – Virtual Personal Assistant
    Flat rate of $79.95
    Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa will be local calls
    For $10. month more you can ad 40 other countries
    No credit checks

    And you don’t want to sign up why?

    For those that do send me a message and I will be happy to provide my phone number and more information.

    All the best

  • 5. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Originally Posted 06-14-2009, 02:15 PM by aone on

    The phones are coming into the hands of people in the business and they are providing feed back. Here is the latest I received to day. judge for yourself.

    [audio src="http://recordings.freeconferencecall...09_1079628.mp3" /]

    This man is 71 yo and he sounds like a kid with a great new toy.

    The facts are the cellular industry is closing in on $4.95T annually. there are emerging markets in China, India, Brazil, and Russia…. Buzzirk provides more than 40 nations for the $90/ month Do you really think people won’t jump to the newer shinier product?

    45,000,000 went to the I-phone and these will far eclipse the I-phones ability. And they won’t cost near what the I-phone’s monthly rate is… do you really want to argue there isnt going to be an explosion as people clamor for this new service? How did those buggy whip investments turn out for ya?

    The revolution will come…with or without you. You know people will upgrade, you know they will spends Billions, why would you not want to make a fortune in the process? It is a win -win for everyone. consumers save fortunes – and people make massive incomes while they save others money. Don’t you think that will stimulate the economy?

    This really is going to be huge. why not be a part of it? I am advertising all over the world for network marketers to join my team. When we build our support, and help our team achieve goals how can anyone lose? Best team, best product, best price.

    pm me if you want to be a part of the revolution.

    btw the 2100mghtz is exclusive to Buzzirk… there won’t be a competitor for this product for a very long time, if ever.

  • 6. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Originally Posted on April 1st, 2009 by Dana Wollman

    Zer01 Communications, a new mobile carrier, announced today a $69.95 plan that includes unlimited data and voice (domestic), taxes and fees, and, incredibly, no contract agreement.

    An unlimited international plan will also be available for $79.95 per month. The idea, in either case, is not just that consumers can save money, but that they can avoid getting locked into minimum two-year-long carrier contracts.

    Here’s how it works: Zer01’s Veritable Mobile Convergence (VCM) technology bypasses carrier circuits by using VoIP to send calls into a virtual private network. During the activation period, it will take about five minutes for your SIM to be updated with your Zer01 plan.

    Consumers can bring their own phone to the table or buy one from Zer01’s online store. Right now, the phones for sale include the Pharos Traveler 117 and 127, the HTC TyTN II, the HTC Touch 3G, and the HTC Diamond.

    The service will become available on July 1. Stay tuned for our hands-on from the CTIA 2009 show floor.

    • 7. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:47 pm

      And this post was in the comments of the above.

      # Jeffrey Says:
      June 22nd, 2009 at 12:13 pm

      I’m am not currently involved with the company but I have been doing some research. Here’s what I know so far based on the questions/comments listed above:

      Curtis Matthews: The technology is the older signals previously used for pagers/beepers. Since this range is no longer used by the newer cell phone companies, the tower owners have leased this bandwidth at rock bottom prices — hence, the low monthly rate.

      Ms. Mosby: If you simply want to be a user of the service, you will have access starting in August. However, if you want to become a dealer for the company (via MLM structure), you will have access starting in July. Your current phone will work with the new service BUT you will only have the features your current phone offers. For instance, you cannot take advantage of the television stations if your phone doesn’t have a TV tuner. You need to purchase one of the ZER01 phones if you want ALL the features.

      Sean: From my understanding, it’s not purely bandwidth that allows them to achieve high speeds — it’s the compression. Their patent pending is on the compression technology. As I mentioned earlier, there won’t be any competition for their frequencies because it’s the outmoded pager/beeper frequencies. The parent company has purchased fat pipe land lines and low frequency tower signals and high end computing systems to create a network that uses analog and digital signal conversion into a fast VoIP solution.

      Roger: The first line is $70 and each additional line is $10. That’s just for for the service. Again, if you want to take advantage of ALL network features, you will also need new phones (but this is NOT a requirement). I’m not sure how much the low-end phones cost but I believe they range up to $500. Also, I know it’s $10 extra per month for international calls on the main line but I don’t know how much extra it is for the additional lines.

      Rod: I don’t yet know what the guarantees are but did ask about automatic service switching. If you end up in an area that ZER01 doesn’t yet cover, you will be automaticaly switched to the local service provider (AT&T, Verizon, etc.). I would imagine (but not 100% certain) that you will be subjected to the per minute charges of that company. I still need to do more research on pricing for auto switching, satellite usage, and ship-to-shore calling.

      General Comments: Here are a few things I asked about that you might find beneficial:
      1. The service offers a 611 support number, as do most service providers. They have 24×7 web and voice support in two call centers (Las Vegas, Nevada and Alexandria, Virginia, I believe).

      2. The phones are provided by Global Verge but they use a common manufacturer (Erricson, I believe). I’m still waiting on more info about this. One caveat for now is they don’t have an insurance plan on the phones. I would imagine there will be enough noise that they will have to offer this in the future.

      3. They have the capability to connect your phone to your TV to watch shows/movies and listen to music. I’m still waiting to find out about the picture quality. I’m assuming that it’s a composite video connection but I’m hoping for a component solution.

      4. The phone operating system is Windows Mobile, so you have lots of options for what applications you can have on the phone.

      Hope this helps…

      • 8. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:55 pm

        As was this

        # Frank Says:
        July 20th, 2009 at 3:07 pm

        Trying not to be a Skeptic….they are several folks who have the phone. Ben Piilani talks about his experience with his…he downloaded 7 hours of movies on his…..and the clarity was incredible.
        That would have been an enormous costs on other carriers/plans. Even though there are “unlimited” usuage plans being offered, there is a 5GB cap to avoid over crowding of the carriers systems. Buzzirk uses other technology that does not put a load on the existing systems.

  • 9. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    For immediate release: 7/1/09

    (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Zer01 Mobile announced today the formal launch of its new nationwide truly unlimited voice, data and Web mobile wireless service that will allow users to make as many phone calls, surf the Web, view movies and videos, text messages, download music and use their smartphones for a variety other applications all for one, low monthly fee. Offering the new mobile wireless service as a mobile virtual network enabler, Zer01 Mobile has created its own grouping of mobile virtual network operators and strategic business alliances including a new partnership with, an online entertainment network.

    “Many years of research and testing have culminated in the public launch this week of the new, truly unlimited voice, data and Web mobile wireless service from Zer01 Mobile. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Zer01 Mobile engineering team, our new Veritable Mobile Convergence technology allows each smartphone user to make voice calls or transmit data through a VoIP system,” explained Ben Piilani, CEO, Zer01 Mobile. “Because Zer01 Mobile is the only carrier in the United States offering truly unlimited mobile Web access, a number of important strategic partnerships with Zer01 Mobile have been finalized including the recent agreement with, the Boston-based online entertainment network.”

    In April 2009, Zer01 Mobile first premiered its new truly unlimited voice, data and Web mobile wireless service at the CTIA Wireless Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Receiving positive reviews while showcasing its service at the global wireless industry event, Zer01 Mobile was presented with the “Best Overall Product” Award by Laptop Magazine. “That’s the appeal of Zer01, which uses highly efficient VoIP technology to let users make phone calls over existing cellular networks. This new breed of carrier will sell a variety of Windows Mobile devices starting in July that can tap into its service, but it will also enable users to bring their unlocked BlackBerrys, Android phones and other handsets. An extra $10 per month will allow subscribers to add international calling to 40 destinations. Zer01 Mobile promises that it will take as little as five minutes for the company to update your phone’s SIM card to make it compatible with its network,” stated the Laptop Magazine Web site.

    “With movies, music, games and television available anywhere on a mobile device, our agreement with Zer01 Mobile is a natural fit with our company’s business model and overall plan for the coming decade. The technology behind Zer01 Mobile’s service will assure a top rated viewing and listening experience for the end-user,” explained John Fanning, chairman & CTO, and founding chairman & CEO, Napster, Inc.

    Creating interconnect agreements throughout North America and the globe, Zer01 Mobile is the first mobile service to offer a truly unlimited voice, data and Internet plan that is priced affordably with taxes and fees included. Zer01 Mobile’s international plan also reaches out to the most popular calling countries around the world and is also economically priced. The company has licensed patent pending proprietary Veritable Mobile Convergence technology that allows each smart phone user to make voice calls or transmit data by sending voice communications through a VoIP system.

    Established in 2001 and 34% owned by Blockbuster, Inc., NetMovies is an online entertainment network providing producers and owners of video content a secure, highly functional and efficient digital distribution outlet. NetMovies’ proprietary downstreaming network builds on the technology model pioneered at Napster which was created using a regulated peering system offering high-speed downloads and secure and flexible digital rights management. NetMovies’ video content is licensed from studios or created by independent artists and introduced into a centrally managed and protected network then distributed to and among paying subscribers.

    Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Zer01 Communications is owned and operated by the Unified Technologies Group, Inc., a global technology services and consulting company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Zer01 Communications recently premiered the new Zer01 Mobile service at the CTIA Wireless 2009 Conference. Laptop Magazine awarded Zer01 Mobile the “Best Overall Product” Award at the conclusion of the industry conference. For more information about Zer01 Communications, visit

  • 10. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Originally posted by Christian james

    June 30, 2009 —
    Dear Networking Friends,This is a TIME SENSITIVE and INCREDIBLY
    join this company.What you are about to read could literally change
    your financial situation FOREVER.This is the biggest thing to hit
    MLM/Network Marketing in the last 15 years. Buzzirk Mobile
    and Global Verge are Partnering with an Existing and Established
    $$$Billion Conglomerate$$$ to bring us…The world’s first and only
    UNLIMITED GLOBAL Cell phone!

    This is Proven and existing technology
    that is going to be exclusively
    distributed by Global Verge .Our Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge
    Phone system will work simultaneously on our network AND AT & T + T-Mobile’s
    network . In Canada we have agreements in place with Both Rogers and Telus.
    You will be able to access and experience a revolutionary new Unlimited phone
    plan from Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge that includes but is not limited too …
    Incoming, Outgoing, Roaming, Long Distance (USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, UK,
    Puerto Rico), Texting, Surfing, Downloads, Tethering to your Laptop to provide
    FREE Wireless, AM FM Radio and Watching over 100 TV stations and Much Much More
    for the low price of $79 Per Month. There will be NO Fees or Taxes or “Extra Charges”
    For $89 Flat Fee you can also call 42 other countries Including China, Italy, Singapore,
    Russia etc. UNLIMITED for Free.

    At a recent Las Vegas Telecom and High Tech
    convention our Buzzirk Mobile and
    Global Verge mobile product won the 2009 Product of the Year and has already
    been featured in PC Magazine, LapTop Magazine and a few others. Once we launch
    Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge we ALREADY have interviews lined up with Forbes,
    Fortune, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN and MANY more who are waiting.

    The Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge comp plan is a 3 x 9 FORCED Matrix.
    (This means that everyone can only go 3 people “wide” and you get paid for
    9 levels. After someone sponsors 3 people, the COMPUTER will “place” the
    rest of the people UNDER others on the team who need help) This creates
    SYNERGY and fills all the holes in your matrix faster. A full matrix can
    hold 29,000 people and pays Over $100,000 + Bonuses.Buzzirk Mobile and Global
    Verge have 50 % Matching bonuses for people you Personally Sponsor You make
    $10 Monthly Residual for each customer you get (Including Your OWN Cell phone)
    Also $5 per customer rolls upline in Buzzirk Mobile and Global Verge.There is
    just over 1000 people in North America that are aware of Buzzirk Mobile and
    Global Verge. They expect to be Over 1,000,000.00 within 12 months. Most of
    the people in are $ Million earner from ALL the major companies. We have a
    small window to do as much damage as possible, before these
    guys start Crushing it.

  • 11. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Originally posted by Jonathon Budd—Is-the-Global-Verge-Buzzirk-G5-Business-Opportunity-a-Scam?&id=2351473

    This article will be a Global Verge Buzzirk Review, and will cover important information that is most often left out of Global Verge Buzzirk Opportunity presentations, as well as present my insights from over 3 years of being one of the top money earners in the home based business industry, on the viableness, and potential success the Buzzirk opportunity could have.

    First off, lets answer a prominent question on most people’s minds: is Global Verge Buzzirk A Scam?

    The answer to that is… NO. Global Verge Buzzirk is not a Scam. On the contrary, it is backed by world wide renown company United Technologies, and has some of the most cutting edge cell phone technology incorporated into its product line. The company behind Global Verge Buzzirk has been in business a LONG time, and is simply launching a new product line called Buzzirk G5, which is their cell phone technology. From all that I can see, the Global Verge Buzzirk product is legitimate, and may even be revolutionary.

    In fact, when I usually write reviews on companies I look for a few different criteria to determine their long term viability.

    1. Unique product
    2. Unique leadership
    3. Unique Selling Proposition, IE: how powerful their marketing story will be in the market place.

    In my experience, it’s these 3 factors that will make the biggest difference as to whether Global Verge Bizzerk will be able to get off the ground and running. So far, in all of these areas, they are hitting some very strong points. There is already considerable buzz starting to stir around the Buzzirk G5 phone, and it’s truly being hailed as a revolutionary technology when it comes to download speed, internet connection, and much more. The possibilities are exciting.

    However, even though the Global Verge Buzzirk company seems to be strong, and has a unique product line… there are often factors of success in this company that get left out of most of their opportunity presentations. The fact of the matter is… it’s much less important what the product is, who the company is, and who’s behind it… then it is “HOW Are YOU Going To Market It?”

    You see, marketing is the sweet spot that allows any distributor to actually BUILD a business, regardless of whatever the company is. Marketing is what allows you to execute the fundamental business principles that create leads, cash flow, and new distributors on a daily basis.

    It is the ‘Marketing Secrets’ I learned that allowed me to build walk away 6 figure residual incomes, not the specific companies or opportunities I was involved in. I highly suggest if you’re thinking about Global Verge and the Buzzirk business opportunity that you LEARN how to market yourself first, then you’ll be able to create success in this company much easier.

  • 12. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    The Youtube Video of Ben at CTIA

  • 13. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    The CNN vidoe by Clark Howard

  • 14. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Another Interview at CTIA

  • 15. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    Originally posted June 26, 2009 at 7:33 am

    You’ve heard of 3g mobile phone technology.
    Well move aside, because Buzzirk is coming.

    Somehow a generation has been skipped. I don’t know what happened to 4g technology. All I know is that 4g has been left behind and taken over by 5g.

    No other carrier in the world can even compete with this revolutionary technology.

    You remember all those science fiction movies where people talk and interact with their computers. We will soon be able to talk to our mobile phone and tell it what to do.

    Tell you mobile phone to send an email to as many people you want and it can be done instantly. That’s right you don’t even need to type the message.
    Download a 2 hour movie in a couple of minutes and transfer it direct to your television or computer to watch it. You can even continue using your phone while all this is happening.

    A new mobile network is about to be released on 1st of July in the United States and Canada that will be a totally unlimited plan.- Unlimited everything. Unlimited voice / data / internet downloads / roaming. It will be launched in 42 different countries over the next 18 months.

    There are no contracts. No hidden fees and no taxes.
    The entire cost is $79.95 per month. (add $10 for international)
    This will revolutionize the communications world as we know it.
    A service is about to be released that everybody wants and will shortly need.

    We are incredibly fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

    How about making $10 per month from every person you tell about this new mobile service and they purchase through you. That’s $120 per year from each person.
    How many people do you know would be interested in saving money on their mobiles and internet. If your friends tell their friends – they can also make money – You can also receive extra bonuses from your friends, from your friends friends etc…etc…

    It’s a July 1st launch. Nothing is going to stop this from happening. We all have the opportunity to participate and profit.

    For more information about how to buy Buzzirk mobile phones and how to profit from this new 5g mobile phone technology.

    Get in early before your friends, so that you can introduce them.

  • 16. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 5, 2009 at 1:18 am

    Global Verge .. From Bizbuzz to NOW

    Aug 15th, 2008 by Wayne

    Folks if you get asked the question about what’s going on you can send them this after you read it yourself.

    Firstly all previous members from Bizbuzz then E-Verge and now Global Verge have nothing to worry about at all and in fact are in a fantastic position within the company come the opening on September 1st this year.

    I joined Bizbuzz back in 2005 as a founding member and it took off with a bang. In fact a lot of members including myself, made some great money for about 5 months. But then it was realized that the Bizbuzz Company setup was not secure enough both from a legal and financial standpoint to be able to cope with their huge growth. In fact Bizbuzz started to gain the attention of the US government and so the decision was made to pause operations in order to re-evaluate the company on a Corporate level BEFORE any legal ramifications created a major shut down.

    We are now seeing a lot of MLM companies being shut down and owners arrested and fined and in some cases imprisoned because they breached the new laws and regulations that have come into place in the last 2 years or so. In fact in my opinion you will see at least 80% of all MLM companies within the next year or so shut down, put this in your diary for later as it is going to happen without question and if you are in one of these I strongly suggest you contact the admin to assurance that they comply with the new laws or get your money out ASAP.

    So after a long wait the new company PRE – LAUNCHED again under the name of E-Verge. NOTE: They didn’t launch fully and all previous Bizbuzz members were imported into the company in the same position as before. Bear in mind that at this point members only paid their monthly subs if they wanted to or they could just sit there (without paying anything) to see what would happen next .. A lot of people opted to do this. I and some of my Leaders upgraded to PRO and began to make a reasonable monthly income and started to build our group and grow again.

    Then 2 things happened.

    Firstly E-Verge had hired a group of people to completely run the back office and look after all payments in and payments out. These people were also members of the Admin Team for the company and had some products available for the members to use as part of their membership fees. This allowed the CEO and owner of E-Verge free to promote the business and look for other cutting edge products and services, for the benefit of the members.

    However it became clear that certain members of the Admin Team were and I need to be careful here .. Let’s say “Not entirely doing the right thing by the company and the members” so they were immediately terminated. And so once again the company was put on hold to reassess.

    Secondly BAMM out of the blue came the new law and regulation that all MLM companies must have at least 50% of their business as a retail option for the members. Yes 50% and 99% of MLM companies didn’t have this and most still don’t.

    The classic example of a massive MLM business who didn’t comply is Amway but they are now restructuring their business to do so I believe. Actually as a simple solution for Amway I sent the CEO an email to just join my Global Verge team as Amway 1 under me and they would comply but for some reason I didn’t get an answer hahahahaha.

    Actually the timing of the law change was a God-send for Global Verge because the company would have re-launched without this being in place and all sorts of problems would have occurred for the company after launch so this gave Mark and the team the opportunity to set up the company to comply to all laws and regulations so it will comply for the many years to come.

    So here we are right now with a company called Global Verge ready to take on the planet with a 12 strong legal team, the best in the USA, experts at online business with serious Wall street investors ready to write cheques. And some of the biggest marketers in the world with their teams poised to take this thing to the world to help people save money, make money and look after the planet at the same time.

    Since Global Verge has opted to take the GREEN ECO approach to its business, the inquiries not just from individual people but from government departments .. Yes government departments .. have been amazing.

    I’ve been fortunate to be involved in this “project” from day one and have waited over 3 years for this coming moment. So you can probably sense my excitement.

    If you have any more questions please ask as I know I have the right answers for you.


    Wayne Okeefe

    Global Verge Founding Member

  • 17. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 5, 2009 at 1:21 am

    Global Verge Overview

    Jul 15th, 2008 by Ally

    In August 2007 Bizbuzz became known as E-Verge International with a new Board of Directors including some of the most skilled and successful business leaders ever assembled. The original founders, Mark Petchel, Ted Robbins, Mark Ryder and Kevin Herald were joined by Jack Presnell and other Board members and Venture Partners.

    The first Regional E-Verge International Launch was held on November 2 2007 in St Louis and other launches followed in San Francisco and Orlando, Florida which strengthened Mark Petchel’s overall objective of this company becoming a household name with * The Masses *

    The new name of the company, Global Verge was announced on June 18 2008 and Global Verge will now be launched with a completely new GREEN appeal Website and Back Office.

    Global Verge will never be limited to a “program” just for Networkers, but will provide genuine savings and an extra monthly income for everyone. Mark Ryder, one of the founders of Bizbuzz/E-Verge International and now Global Verge had the seemingly eternal task of coordinating a Pay Plan where as many people as possible would be eligible to earn an income. A few hundred dollars a month can be life changing for many people and at the same time the Global Verge Pay Plan is designed to appeal to Leaders in BOTH the MLM and Retail Business Industry .. All of which has never been successfully done before.

    Mark Petchel and his Team have also been on a quest for a system that would allow multiple product integration into a SINGLE matrix with TRUE commission compression .. Which has also never been done before, because even though other programs have claimed to have had “compression” there would always be gaps left in the matrix. Global Verge has now successfully programmed TRUE Commission Compression (horizontal as well as vertical) and so a PERFECT matrix will finally be achieved.

    This means that for commission purposes, for any month all inactive positions will be compressed out of the matrix and if your downline group begins growing past the 9th level of your matrix, they will be compressed up to the highest level open positions. And you will be paid on EVERYONE in your Compressed 3 x 9 Matrix (even if they are on your 100th level in your Genealogy) until it is completely filled.

    The Business Model is extremely powerful because unlike most other MLM programs who base their entire company and compensation plan on a single manufacturer/product or service, Global Verge has sought out and will continue to negotiate contracts with leading and well known companies to bring to their membership the most advanced, ecologically sound and cutting-edge products and services (that most people actually need in their daily living) at the lowest possible prices.

    All products are examined, evaluated and approved through the Global Verge Board and many will be either EXCLUSIVE to Global Verge or so “cutting-edge” that no-one will have even seen them before.

    Products and Services: Products range from the Access Gold (discount shopping at over 175,000 retail outlets) to the cutting-edge technology of Global Verge World Connect ie Internet, TV, VOIP, Wireless Mobile (With AVA .. Your own personal voice recognition secretary) to ecological products like Air2Water, Pow-R-Save and a Fuel Saver .. All patented and EXCLUSIVE to Global Verge.

    Unique to Global Verge .. A totally NEW Travel Program introducing Travel Cards.

    Internet Marketing Tools will include the ability to customize a Global Verge Store Front Window where members can market a selection of their favorite Global Verge products in combination with their own products/services or any non- commercial interests .. Along with the most advanced Video Marketing and Website Design SEO tools and training, suitable for both the novice and highly skilled professional alike.

    Services including ID Theft Recovery Plan, and Diabetic Plans through to the Epic Wealth Builder and eventually a Global Verge Community Network (YouTube and MySpace combo PLUS, which fitting in with the Global Verge philosophy, will be a TRUE Community Portal with something for everyone.)

    As more and more products are included in the Global Verge suite, a membership of Global Verge will increase in REAL value. The Back Office is structured so that approved additional products and services can be fully integrated in 24 – 48 hours.

    An example of just one of the products is the Epic Wealth Builder and Debt Elimination Program. The Epic Wealth Builder can, with no set-up fee, literally save participants hundreds of thousands of dollars, while cutting their mortgage payment time in half. A safe investment plan using some of the savings generated by Epic is also set up for participants.

    NOTE: Members will be able to centre their entire business around any one (or a combination) of these products/services and present it to individuals and huge organizations alike eg non-profit and church organizations.

    Compensation Plan: You will not find a Compensation Plan that pays as much back to the membership as the Global Verge Plan does .. 85+% of the membership fees are paid back to the membership .. With NO breakages .. So that 100% is of what is allocated to be paid out IS paid out. This is EXTREMELY rare in the MLM Industry.

    Initially a Compensation Plan was implemented that required no sponsoring. However in compliance with new international MLM Laws, in order to receive Commission a member must make a “sale” and consequently a member needs to personally sponsor at least one new person to be eligible to receive commissions. For FULL details of the NEW Global Verge Compensation Plan .. Click on this image.

    TRUE Company Revenue Sharing: The integration of multiple products and services into a single matrix Compensation Plan, will also enable most of the rebate that Global Verge receives as commissions from their partners, to be directed back to the membership.

    The FLEX Pay Plan is just that .. FLEXIBLE .. Because many of the products and services have additional streams of income attached to them, a percentage of the EXTRA financial revenue going back to the Global Verge Company, will then return to the membership through the 3 X 9 FLEX Pay Plan. Therefore the possiblity exists for the current amount paid per downline member to INCREASE as the membership buying capacity increases.

    NOTE: Mark and his Team could easily take these commissions for themselves, but chose to give them back to the membership. An incredibly generous example of TRUE Company Revenue Sharing in practice.

    The Global Verge 3 x 9 FLEX Pay Plan will enable Active members to be paid on hundreds (in time thousands) of different products and services, that their downline members purchase. And they will NOT have to personally use any of the particular items.

    On top of earnings from the 3 x 9 FLEX Pay Plan Matrix, ALL members have the ability to match a percentage of ALL the commissions earned on everyone they personally sponsor, and qualified leaders also share in the Leader Bonus Pools.

    Unique Business Model: The Global Verge Business Model is solid and Global Verge is expected to attract many new companies and members alike. As the company aligns with more and more partners/companies in the private sector, their additional products and services will give REAL value for the existing Global Verge members, which in turn will result in more NEW people joining the company, simply for the products and services alone.

    Commissions from the 3 X 9 FLEX Pay Plan will be an added bonus to these people. But over time the influx of these new people will give ALL the present members who originally came into Bizbuzz simply to benefit from “The Matrix Game” a generous downline in Global Verge. And as the membership base increases, more and more REAL companies will want to tap into the “Global Verge Presence” in order to promote their own products and services to the entire membership.

    Longevity: Global Verge has already gone far beyond what any other “online program” has ever attempted to do. The company have their own Legal Partners as part of the Management Team and ALL legal compliances have and will continue to be addressed for ALL COUNTRIES .. This in itself has been a HUGE undertaking.

    Founders Options: Global Verge has the ability to be a Public Company. Mark’s goal has always been to make this a “Company of the people” and as such he has spoken about the availability of Founders Options at prices lower than their stock value to members who remain qualified. This will be an opportunity to own a part of the Holding Company for Global Verge, and possibly Global Verge Travel and Global Verge Wireless.

    Company Promotion and Guaranteed Paid Signups: We don’t promote Global Verge by saying “Millions will be coming into Global Verge in the next few months.” However ALL is lining up for Mark’s Advertising campaigns, to bring in hundreds of thousands of people. With the release of the Cellular Phones with Call Unlimited, at the regional Launches and then at the Las Vegas CES Trade Show, thousands of new customers have been finding out about Global Verge.

    The famous Bizbuzz Rotator will accompany the Global Verge Company Advertising and Company Signups, will be randomly dispersed to Active members. We also expect the Guaranteed PAID Signup Campaign to commence at this time, where 5000 GPS will be assigned to the members who have already purchased them.

    The designers of the FLEX Pay Plan decided that in order to have the fairest Compensation Plan for YEARS TO COME that the 3 x 9 Matrix would NOT be totally Company forced. (A totally Company forced matrix would only allow the top/very early members to benefit from any Company ‘flow-over.”) Because of this strategy, no matter when a new member starts in Global Verge he/she will have virtually the same opportunity to build a very successful business.

    HOWEVER .. Mark Petchel retains his personal position at the top of the ENTIRE 3 x 9 Matrix and his personal URL will be used for many new people coming into Global Verge.

    If you are already a member of the “Solutions Group” your line of sponsorship goes from Wayne O’Keefe (who is directly under the Global Verge Admin) and myself, and then your line of sponsorship from there. So everyone in this group has an excellent vantage point.

    Technologies that are the first of their kind always attract a lot of favorable attention and Mark Petchel firmly believes that there hasn’t been another company in the last 30 years that has been as capable as Global Verge is now, of attracting really large numbers of people.

    Therefore for almost three years, we have been founding members of an emerging GIANT of a company, which has products and services that everyone in the world will be able to access and of course benefit by having.

    Take the opportunity to join Global Verge NOW .. While the window is still available to be a part of the VERY beginning of this innovative company. If you are not already a member of Global Verge and don’t have a former sponsor in Bizbuzz or E-Verge International , I invite you to visit the company Pre-Launch Website at and register at the “Join” link with my Username of Solutions.

    Yours in personal and financial F * R * E * E * D * O * M


    Alison Lee Cousland

    Global Verge Inc

    Founding Member since Dec 2005

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