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  • 1. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Originally Posted on by Bob Sterling


    (Several former ‘marketing participants’ now known as victims, from the earlier versions and now some who have currently just stepped back, contributed to this information)

    To Look at the Current Global Verge/Buzzirk Scam going on today and to understand who all the ‘Players” are and how and where the money flows, you first have to look at the history of this ‘cell phone of the future’ Scam and how it has been previously executed. How it operates but who operated it has not changed: Just new name for the game, same players.

    2006 Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins created Bizz-Buzz and Buzzirk Mobile ( Buzzirk first incorporated 2006-Mark and Ted owners/officers) The ‘cell phone of the future, a flat rate game changer was going to be released in the fall of 2006 and they got 6 to 7 thousand to sign up with monthly fees for the 3×9 ‘patented’ forced matrix. It evaporated and closed at year for reasons beyond their control….they said the programmers stole all the money. There were no refunds. (see who is below)

    2007-2008 E-Verge was launched, most of the same leaders, the same mantra about the game changing cell phone of the future to be delivered later that year. This time recruiting was much better, they even had a grand launch convention in St. Louis with thousands attending. Same monthly autoship to get paid on the same 3×9 forced matrix. (they always add a benefits package of cyber stuff to make it appear to have some value) for members until the ‘cell phone of the future’ is released. This time we are told by some of the victims they were up to 12 to 14 thousand enrollees before they closed it down telling people their prospective carrier was sued and had to close down. Again there were no refunds.

    September 2008 the new Global Verge emerges as a new company. Again as before Mark Petschel and Ted Robbins, Ruth Mayne, James Hellman and players from the past are the principle players. All Corporations for GV and Buzzirk have always had Mark and Ted as Officers and Directors.

    (Interesting to note that in his 2005 Terrms of Probation, Petschel was specifically prohibited from forming new corporations, being an Officer and Director and raising money without specific permission from the Court….of course none was sought and only recently did the Missouri Department of Corrections learn all the facts about Marks 2005 to 2009 activities. Mark is known to the DOC as # 1126788 if you want to look him up)

    The Buzzirk mobile scam begins in January 2006 with Ted Robbins registering the domain name:

    Ted Robbins
    5808 Summitview
    Suite A, #143
    Yakima, Washington 98908
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: BUZZIRK.COM
    Created on: 08-Jan-06
    Expires on: 08-Jan-10
    Last Updated on: 29-Jun-09

    Administrative Contact:
    Robbins, Ted
    5808 Summitview
    Suite A, #143
    Yakima, Washington 98908
    United States

    The current created 5-12-08 is hidden at Domains by Proxy. GV started up in June/July 2008.

    While Mark and Ted have been the officers and directors in all ‘corporations’, these are shell companies only established for purposes of getting corporate records and opening checking accounts, merchant accounts, signing leases, etc. The money flows to the Top Distributors forming the Company as well as to Mark and Ted. In the case of E-Verge and now with Global Verge, the MASTER DISTRIBUTOR IS James Hellman. Jim Hellman operates as “AOE.BZ” and has 14 domain names registered to his ‘AOE.BZ’ enterprise, many of them associated with Buzzirk, E-Verge and GV such as “”.

    Hellman, James
    1406 west 36th st
    Kearney, Nebraska 68845
    United States
    (308) 832-6073

    As the Master Distributor in Global Verge, he sponsored Curtis Burgess in Arkansas who has a team and Curtis in turn sponsored Stephen R, Lewis in Vegas who in turn sponsored Wayne Achtem from near Toronto. The top hierarchy and who is pulling down the top money is now known thanks to former insiders.

    With the alleged 40,000 sign ups the potential cash stands at about $4.5 million. On 7/31 Steve Lewis said sign ups are still significant, 700 on a good day, 300 on a bad day, so let’s average that at 500 per day. If they can keep it going at that rate they can have another 15,000 sign ups at the initial $149.95 or an additional $2.25 million and if 30,000 of the 40,000 are on the $99.95 autoship, then that nets another roughly $3 million or $5.2 million to be added to the existing $4.5 million….a total of between $9 and $10 million for the run from May through August. Not a bad showing, better than both times it ran before! Therefore the leaders will do what ever they have to do to try and keep this running another 30 to 60 days.

    None of the reps (e-associates) of course ever sign up to be in a ‘member benefits’ program, they all joined because of the anticipated release of the Zer01 cell phone of the future. Just how long can the actual release of this phone be delayed because of ‘technical problems”? Well if a 30 day delay will net an additional $5 million bucks, I believe you will see some fancy dancing soon. If and when the release cannot happen for whatever reasons, that is the already reason to close down operations, just a happened before with the ‘cell phone of the future could not be delivered for reasons beyond their control. How this will all end is already recorded in the previous history.

    Now, just who will end up with all the cash? How much has been drawn out already for ‘expenses’ and ‘administrative expenses’? Well, at this moment, who ever has control of the financial records probably knows this for sure….I guess that is Teresa Lewis and Stephen R. Lewis? Come August 10th the big recruiters and their front line diamonds will have to get checks to keep them going, but how much will go to Investor Ruth Mayne, Master Distributor James Hellman, acting CEO Lewis, acting CFO Curtis, COO attorney Perry? No one will ever probably know for sure until all the financial records, merchant and banking records are subpoenaed. This Scam has gotten large enough now to attract the attention and interest of the powers to be in the law enforcement community, so not to worry the quid pro quo will become known. I understand the DOJ in their current crime crackdown has another Government Benefit to give the folks, a Free no cost IRS Audit.

    FOLLOW THE MONEY, that is what they do, that is also what the current ‘e associates’ should also be asking about. Will any money at all every find it’s way back to any of the 40,000 and growing rank and file or ill all of it as usual go to alli Babba and the 40 Thieves?

    More to be revealed soon. Yes, MOT just keep saying this is only a FUBAR or whatever situation with the Gang that Could not shoot straight, maybe someone will believe it.

  • 2. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    Originally posted 04-11-2006, 11:35 PM

    BizzBuzz was a former model of the Buzzirk MLM

    I was unable to take in the business call.

    Both companies have past business calls that you can listened to on their web sites, so I was able to listen to a call dated March 9, 2006 and a 3 mins quick call from an 1-800 number.

    After listening to about 20 mins of the 45 minute call, I was starting to understand why you are so excited about this opportunity. I started digging more into the companies, and while reading over the web site’s a few “Red Flag’s” appeared in my mind.

    I also found some past information about Bizbuzz, back in Jan, 06 they said they are going to add no more then a 1000 people per day into their pay plan from their sister companies, and people wanting to take part in this, must be at Silver or higher. (This sounds like a spin on the Nigerian e-mail scam where you have to move now or you miss out on the opportunity. This is done so you make a quick decision and not check things out properly.)

    I don’t know if you have taken the time to view the web site or viewed the pay plan on paper, but as far as I can tell this is not a real mlm, and would be classified as a Pyramid scheme in Canada, and I am sure it would have the same label in the USA.

    Again, I am not an mlm lawyer, and may have misunderstood the rules and the pay plan.

    As for the products, I find them un-sell-able. But that does not seem to be a problem, since you do not need to be selling products to make money with these companies, which was “Red Flag” number 1. The second “Red Flag” is the fact you have to buy into the next level, not with your own money, but with your commission checks.

    As I understand both of these are not illegal.

    As for all the companies that they claim advertise on the Golf Game, I don’t believe is accurate. The people that own the game also run another company call MVP Network, which runs it own opportunity for selling and you make money off of getting people to advertise on the game.

    As of right now, I count four companies all making money off of this one game. The people that own the game also run another company called eGolfInternational, and you guessed it, another way of making money of this game.

    They also have a web site called and you can buy tickets to play the Weekly online Golf Tournament. $90 for five tickets or chances to win the $10,000 prize.


    Online opportunities run by the MVP Network Group (

    Links and opportunities for the Golf game opportunity:

    Online Marketing Tools Opportunity:

    Web site and E-Commerce Opportunity:

    Online Album Opportunity:

    Stock Opportunity:

    Websites used, but are no longer in use:

  • 3. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    Ben Piilani

    Benjamin K. Piilani (born June 04, 1980 in Centralia, Illinois) is the current Chairman of the board and Chief Executive of American Holding Company Unified Technologies Group, Inc.


    Piilani started his career in 1996 in the Telecom Arena with Voice over Internet technologies (VoIP), while it was still yet in its infancy as a technology, with Unlimited Telecom. Unlimited Telecom deployed a commercially viable, dial around VoIP system to compete in the “Long Distance” market. Due to the complete lack of residential high speed Internet access, Unlimited Telecom used the consumers existing telephone carrier’s network to allow customers to make long distance calls. It was the first commercially released, ” Flat-Rate” telecom service in the United States market.

    In 1998, Piilani launched his first Internet based company “Internet Business Advertisement Directory” (“I.B.A.D.” – now defunct). IBAD was a search engine that was able to identify the location of the user, and produce relevant, geographically based results for the client and paid for by the advertising businesses. This allowed businesses looking to market online only to consumers that would benefit the business. Consumers were not driven to businesses that were out of their geographic location. This benefited both, the consumer as well as the advertising business. IBAD eventually succumb to the market pressures of the “AOL, Yahoo, Google” era.

    In 2001 Piilani launched I-Net Solutions, Inc. (“I-NET”), a hardware, software, and networking company that operated under the trade names of “Piilani Computers” and “INS Communications.” I-NET catered to large commercial, health care, municipal, and educational projects for any IT related software, networking, ISP services, and equipment. I-NET’s core product was the “Piilani Computer” line. Manufacturing white box, ISO 9000 compliant computers for its clientele. Through I-NET, Piilani was able to establish many industry relationships that are still considered part of core background today.

    In 2003, Piilani formed Unified Technologies Group, Inc. Piilani now currently resides as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Unified Technologies Group, Inc., which acquired I-Net Solutions, Inc. in 2003, and is classified as a ” Diversified Conglomerate,” with a vested interest in many areas of Communications and Technology from VoIP and IPTV to Broadband over Power Lines, Mobile Applications, and content creation and distribution. In addition, Unified Technologies Group has vested interests in many other areas as well, including, but not limited to International Financial Services, Manufacturing, Alternative Energy Technologies, and Real Estate. Unified Technologies Group has operations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Piilani was elected as Illinois Businessman of the year in 2004, and currently resides as an Executive Committee Member for the National Energy Marketers Association (“NEMA”) out of Washington D.C., and Co-Chairs NEMA’s Advanced Technology and Policy Committee.

    Piilani has testified, in Washington D.C., before many regulatory agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), and the Department of Energy (“DOE”) on behalf of regulatory issues involving different technologies, including technologies owned and operated by Unified Technologies Group, to help set regulatory precedence for nascent technologies while adding or changing current policies relating to existing technologies. Piilani also has existing relationships within the European Union and Asia.

    Piilani has developed relationships with many fortune 500 companies, both domestically and internationally such as Advance Micro Devices (“AMD”), Boeing, Agilent Technologies, and Rhode and Schwarz. In addition, his relationships extend internationally with Electric Utilities, Mobile Carriers, Commercial and Residential Developers, International Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Film, Television, and Internet Content creation and distribution.

    Piilani has focused on building the corporate infrastructure needed to maintain rapid growth as a company and on ensuring that quality remains high while product development cycle times are kept to a minimum. Along with the rest of the team, Ben shares responsibility for day-to-day operations. Ben’s experience includes being an Internet strategist, entrepreneur and developer of innovative technologies. His well-seasoned perspective perfectly complements needs as a young and rapidly growing technology company with a unique corporate culture.

    Piilani has a royal lineage that can be traced back to before King Kamehameha, to King Pi’ilani of Maui. Piilani’s hobbies include storm chasing (severe weather analysis and monitoring), on a professional level, and developing new business relationships. He holds certifications from the National Weather Service (“NWS”), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”), and the National Association of Storm Chasers and Spotters (“NASCS”), as well as belonging to a local Emergency Management Agency.

  • 4. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    Steve Lewis and Teresa Curtis

    Original Post by Knowall at 11-26-2006, 01:39 AM

    These two people-Teresa & Steve- are the ultimately grifters & conners. We unfortunately got involved & pulled in. Back then it was all about VoIp-they were going to revolutionize the phone industry. Strung us along for months with empty promises and lies, then accused us of not following through! Never, never get involved with them; they are not who or what they say- AT ALL. They do not pay their office help. Now they are into some medical scam! They are merely MLM-ers, nothing more & they will give you nothing but grief. We have many, many friends who will tell you what cons they are- many who worked for them and believed their hype only to get burned, tossed, etc when they could not pay or get your money. RUN FROM THEM!

  • 5. wheresmybuzzirk  |  August 2, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Mark Petschel

    Mark Petschel has NEVER ever created a successful company in any industry he’s been in. According to research Mark originally created a parent company called “MVP Network/MVP Online” which created some MLM programs about a Country Club, online golf games, a company called BizzBuzz, etc..

    Global Verge was launched in 2008 by Mark Petschel. This same person was the founder of E-Verge which of course went out of business so he “re-launched” his company as Global Verge.

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